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Aunt Arctic Has Been Spotted + Complete Tracking Guide!

Aunt Arctic has been spotted on Club Penguin! Want to meet her? Here’s the complete tracking guide:

He is a green penguin that has a pink hat and glasses. Here’s how her playercard looks:

When you meet her you can take her free background. Here’s how it looks:

You have to know that:

- She is always crowded

- Her favorite servers are Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen

- She rarely enters unpopulated servers

- You may find her at Coffee Shop, Dance Lounge, Beach, Rockhopper’s Ship

- She can stay on a server up to 20 minutes.

- He isn’t only an Aunt Arctic, they could be even on 3-4 servers at the same time.

If you follow those tips you’ll find Aunt Arctic in no time!

Don’t use trackers they just freak you!

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You should that she has a crayon