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Card-Jitsu Fire Released!


The newest Club Penguin Game: Card-Jitsu Fire has been released!

4 ninjas can play all at once – If you want to practice with friends, you can go to the mats – or if you want to earn your Fire Suit, talk to Sensei! There are a couple of different types of battles you can have on the game board.

When you play with other penguins you will earn the Fire Suit in this order:

1. Fire Sandals

2. Fire Coat

3. Fire Mask

4. Fire Helmet

Here’s how the Fire Suit looks:



And when you defeat the Sensei you will become a Fire Ninja. Remember that you must have the Fire Suit before trying to defeat Sensei!

How to play Card-Jitsu Fire?

1. Talk with the Sensei in the Volcano Room.

2. Choose between playing with Sensei or with other penguins.

3. When the game started, if it is your turn you have to click on one of the stones in the middle.

4. A number will reveal.

5. You have to choose from going to left or going to right the number of spaces revealed. For example the number revealed is three: you have to choose from going three spaces at left or at right. When you choose where to go you will choose the element that you and the opponent have to fight with.

6. You may choose every card you want from your hand. The colours in this game don’t matter.

7. If you win your opponent will lose an energy point and If your opponent wins you will lose an energy point. You will have six energy points at the begging of the duel.

8. Then is your opponent turn or yours if he played first.

9. Then play till only one player remains.

Here’s a in game screenshot:


The game is nice! It shouldn’t be only for members!

~Andreylaur, the creator of Club Penguin Hunter

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