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Club Penguin Expedition Party 2011 Cheats Guide

The expedition party has started on Club Penguin. The island is not decorated, but there are a lot of party rooms to explore and, of course, a reward at the end. The party is similar to Mountain Expedition  in August 2010. Anyways, there is one free item for non-members, a life jacket that non-members have to buy and only a brown puffle for every non-member at the end. So, let’s get started! Here is the complete guide for this amazing expedition, you need just to follow the steps and you’ll get everything in no time:

Firstly, go to the Dock to start the expedition. There is a special path in lower right.
Expedition Party 2011 - 1

Now get the free item, a hat for non-members, the Expedition Hat. Waddle to that box, click “Yes” and the hat will be added to your inventory.
Expedition Party 2011 - 2

After you got the item, continue your journey and go to right. Now you’re on a forest with tall trees. First time you’ll need to go to right.
Expedition Party 2011 - 3

Secondly you’ll have to go up.
Expedition Party 2011 - 4

Then go right again.
Expedition Party 2011 - 5

Then go down.
Expedition Party 2011 - 6

Now go to left for the first time.
Expedition Party 2011 - 7

Now go down again.
Expedition Party 2011 - 8

Now go right for the last time.
Expedition Party 2011 - 9

Now after being tired of walking in the forest, it’s time for a puzzle game which is quite easy. You need to click parts of the machine to make it work. So, here’s how to click the parts in the right order:

1. Plug in the machine.
Expedition Party 2011 - 10

2. Click on the Coffee Maker.
Expedition Party 2011 - 11

3. Click on the green light.
Expedition Party 2011 - 12

4. Click on the jug with coffee.
Expedition Party 2011 - 13

5. Click on the green button.
Expedition Party 2011 - 14

6. Click on the pink lever, then on the green lever, then click the yellow button, the red button, the green button, the purple button and the blue lever.

Expedition Party 2011 - 15

7. Play the piano how the machine shows you.
Expedition Party 2011 - 16

8. Throw snowballs at the target until the fire is gone.
Expedition Party 2011 - 17

9. Play the piano again.
Expedition Party 2011 - 16

10. Click on the green button.
Adventure Party 2011 - 18

11. Click on all the green buttons.
Adventure Party 2011 - 19

12. Click on the purple lever, then on the green lever, then click on the knob.
Adventure Party 2011 - 20

13. Click on the red lever.
Adventure Party 2011 - 21

14. Click on the hot sauce.
Adventure Party 2011 - 22

15. Click on the water.
Adventure Party 2011 - 23

16. Click on the vent.
Adventure Party 2011 - 24

17. Click on the toaster.
Adventure Party 2011 - 25

18. Hit the target with the snowballs a couple of times.
Adventure Party 2011 - 26

Now waddle in to the barrel and you’ll enter the next room.
Expedition Party 2011 - 27

Then buy a life jacket, so, you can start constructing the boat. Waddle to the stand.
Expedition Party 2011 - 28

Now you’ll see the Life Jacket, click “BUY”, then “Yes” and the item will be added to your inventory. It costs only 50 coins.
Expedition Party 2011 - 29

Put the life jacket on and start building your boat. Start with the shell.
Expedition Party 2011 - 30

Continue with the keelson, the steering,  the engine and the wheels.
Expedition Party 2011 - 31

Then the mast and the second part of the engine.
Expedition Party 2011 - 33

Make sure you have your life jacket and enter the boat. Now enter the Brown Puffle Cave.
Expedition Party 2011 - 34

Now if you would like to get a brown puffle. Click on the paper in the left part of the screen.
Expedition Party 2011 - 35

Click “Adopt”, put your brown puffle a name and play with the puffle. Note that you can get only one which is fair. The brown puffle has some nice goggles. Have fun at the party and with your new puffle!
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

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Isaac January 25, 2011, 5:00 AM

Re: “a life jacket that non-members have to buy and only a brown puffle for every non-member at the end” – non-members can’t buy the life jacket or go on the boat and get the puffle.

k8e2222 January 29, 2011, 12:32 PM

why can’t non-members buy the life jacket or get on the boat? why would it let us get this far into the expedition if we can’t finish it? my ‘life jacket’ page wont even load! how ridiculous!

Andreylaur January 29, 2011, 1:06 PM

I know, it’s not cool. Club Penguin used to be cool for everyone before Disney bought it. At the Summer Party 2007 we’re 4 items for non-members. Now you hardly get one and access to party rooms.
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

hakan February 2, 2011, 4:23 PM

neden sarı yelek alınmıyorda siz alabiliyorsunuz Xd

paulo February 3, 2011, 10:51 PM

oi, gente eu sei um bug do puffle marrom quando clica nele aparece o puffle laranja vale a pena ver


lea February 5, 2011, 5:44 PM

c’est pas vrai pour le gilet et le puffle brun faut etre membre