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Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 40 Cheats


A new Club Penguin Field-Op Assignment has been released today. Field-Ops Missions are challenges that change every week and they have different tasks, locations and puzzle games. The assignment #40 is the latest one. To complete the field-ops use this complete cheats guide with descriptive pictures:

Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission #1

Step 1. First you need to login on Club Penguin.
Step 2. Click on your EPF Phone in the lower left part of the screen. (you can also go directly to the Headquarters without checking your EPF Phone, but it takes more time)
Step 3. After that you’ll get a message saying: “New Field-Op Available – Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders.” Click on “Go There”.

Club Penguin Field-Ops Misson #2

Step 4. You should be successfully teleported to the EPF Command Room. Here go to the big yellow “Field-Ops” screen located in upper right part of the screen.
Step 5. You’ll receive a message from G – Technology Specialist aka Gary the Gadget Guy that gives you a hint about the location of the Field-Op. Click on “Accept Field-Ops”.

Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission 40 - Iceberg

Step 6. Go to the Iceberg using your map or your teleportation device from your EPF Phone.
Step 7. Now waddle to the western point of the Iceberg.
Step 8. Your EPF Phone will turn green and start ringing. Click on it. You should see the instructions for “Signal Detected”. Click on “Engage” to start the game.
Step 9. After finishing the Field-Ops Mission you will get a message from Protobot aka 10,000. This was his message: “(You intercepted a radio signal from Protobot.)
Attention Herbert: A new party has been announced. Code named: ‘Earth Day’. Purpose: Celebrate the environment.
Proposal: Target natural areas during event. Operation: Total Devastation.” The evil forces failed again thanks to you, agent!
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

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