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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 – Candy Hunt Cheats Guide – How to get the Candy Forest Path Background

The Halloween Party 2010 has officially arrived to Club Penguin with plenty of things for members and less for non-members, but they can still have fun. The Halloween Candy Hunt is for non-members, here is the complete guide:

  • You have to find 8 different types of candies from 8 different places. To start the Halloween Candy Hunt, you need to just login to Club Penguin and start collecting the candies.

#1 CANDY: For the first candy go to the Beach.

#2 CANDY: For the second candy go to the Snow Forts.

#3 CANDY: The third candy is located at the Iceberg.

#4 CANDY: Go to the Town, then enter the Gift Shop.

#5 CANDY: Go to the Plaza, then enter the Pizza Parlor.

#6 CANDY: For the sixth candy go to the Ski Village, then enter the Ski Lodge.

#7 CANDY: The seventh candy is located at the Plaza.

#8 CANDY: For the last candy go the Beach, enter the Lighthouse, then go upstairs.

  • After you got all the candies, click on the Jack o’-lantern icon in upper right, then click on “Claim Prize”.

  • Now click on “Yes” to get the Candy Forest Path Background.

The item should be successfully added to your inventory. You can do the Candy Hunt again if you want, or you check out this guide: Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Cheats Guide – Free Item: Purple Bat Wings.
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

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