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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Cheats Guide

The Halloween Party 2013 has arrived on Club Penguin reconfirming its status as one of the best parties. Though the last years Haunted Mansion was really impressive, this time Club Penguin spend more time redesigning the regular rooms for this party, some of which are not even recognizable. This party comes with plenty of items for both non-members and members, who again have the ability to transform themselves; this time with a special kind of candy rather than potions. To get the most of this party, follow the complete guide below.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 1

When you enter Club Penguin for the first time, you will talk to Rookie – who is the Halloween Party mascot this time; it used to be Gary the Gadget Guy.  He says:

Happy Halloween!
The island is filled with candy, like bursting.
I ordered waaaaay too much! Trick-or-treat on the island or in igloos to get as much as you can.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 2

Click the next arrow. He has some other things to say as well:

Oh, and some candies are cursed…
But I don’t think anything bad can happen from a curse, right?

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 3

Click OK and you will receive a candy bag, in which you will story candies and cursed candies to later purchase Halloween-themed items or transform yourself. To check out the candy bag, click on the icon next to the moderator icon in upper right.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 4

As you can see you can collect 3 types of cursed candies: Full-Moon Fireballs, Fang Fudgies and Zombie Zingers. If you collect all of them, you will receive a special prize. The candy total represents the total normal candy which you will use to buy some items later.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 5

To collect candies, you will have to harvest the pumpkins around the island. This is how to collect candies from a pumpkin:

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 6

1. Find a pumpkin.

There are pumpkins in these rooms:

  • Town
  • Snow Forts (3)
  • Stadium (3)
  • Plaza
  • Beach
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • Mine Shack

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 7

2. Click on it and select 3 candies out of the 8 available.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 8

3. Depending on the picks you will receive either a number of candies or a cursed candy.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 9

After you collect candies from a pumpkin, you will have to wait for a time, until you can harvest from it again.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 10

When you find your first werewolf candy, you will receive this message from Rookie:

Whoa! You found a Full-Moon Fireball. Be careful!
They’ll turn you into a howling wolf if you eat them! I’ll put that in your candy bag for safekeeping until we can figure out a way to get rid of them.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 11

When you find your first vampire candy, you will receive this message from Rookie:

Yikes! A Fang Fudgie! Those will turn you into a vampire if you eat them! That’s way  too scary. I’ll just drop this in your candy bag so nothing spooky happens.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 12

When you find your first zombie candy, you will receive this  message from Rookie:

Yuck! A Zombie Zinger! Eating that would make you a zombie! Let’s put it in your candy bag so that no one ends up a gross zombie.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 13

After you collect all the cursed candies, preferably at the Snow Forts or at the Stadium, because in these two rooms you can harvest pumpkins continuously – if you harvest them in order, the first one you harvested will come back exactly after you finish harvesting the third. (if you do it relatively fast), you will receive your prize item from Rookie:

Woo hoo! You got all nine of the cursed candies. Take your prize!
These neat hats are totally not cursed… I think.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 14

Click Claim and the Wrapper Head will be added to your inventory.

Now if you collected enough candies, you can check out the Halloween costume catalog, in which you buy the items with the candy collected. Click on the tombstone item in lower right.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 15

This is the first page of the catalog, it includes:

NON-MEMBER: Trick-or-Treat Bag, Springy Pumpkins
MEMBER: Swamp Monster Mask, Swamp Monster Feet, Swamp Monster Costume.

There are also three items that have been added automatically to your inventory.

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 16

And the second page:

NON-MEMBER: Bat Wing Headband
MEMBER: Tomb King Hat, Tomb King Costume, Creepy Doll Mask, The All Dolled Up, Creepy Doll Costume, The Villain Do, Classic Vampire Costume, Pumpkin Lid

And of course, now once you’re finished with getting all the items, if you are a member, you could have a little bit of fun eating cursed candies. They are all in your candy bag:

Club Penguin Halloween 2013 - 17

You can also go for trick-or-treat in the igloos of other penguins, member penguins that is. Anyway this is a very well-designed party and perhaps the best of this year; I just hope Club Penguin stops this transformation thing in every single party.


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