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Club Penguin How To Unlock Free 1500 Coins – October 2012

Recently, along with the release of the tenth club penguin magazine, club penguin has released three more free codes. Each code includes 500 coins which can be unlocked by everyone.  Here’s how to unlock the codes and obtain 1500 free coins:

  • Log on to club penguin and at the suggested server page click on the “unlock items online” icon.

Free Club Penguin Codes

  • Select “I’ve got a code” and ebter any of the following codes: Frighten11Spider, and Redbook3.
  • After you entered the code, just click “I’ve got a code” and repeat the process. would like to thank Eric703 and Arsenal55702 for the new codes. Enjoy your 1500 free coins on the club penguin island!


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