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Club Penguin July 2012 Ultimate Jam Website

Club Penguin has released a website page to advertise for the upcoming Club Penguin Party which is the Ultimate Jam Party. This page shows us Club Penguin Mascots biography’s, a Wallpaper, Dance moves and much more! It is a very useful page for everyone in which it also gives a heads up for the upcoming Ultimate Jam Party. Take a look at the whole page below:

There are five sections at total as you can see with the picture above. The first section is Cadence’s song which she sang: “The Party Starts Now”. Click the video located at the top right corner to watch the whole video as shown below:

The second section is about ‘Membership’. It tell’s you the features that you can have when you become a member. Take a look:

If you can’t read it, it says:

The Party Starts Now! Members can:

  • Access Backstage where they might meet Cadence
  • Collect the exclusive hoodie to dance like Rocky & CeCe
  • Earn the rare golden microphone in the music challenge
  • Dress up with a crew of friends & perform new moves

Wow! Those features seem pretty epic!

Moving on… The third section is ‘About Cadence, Rocky, CeCe and the Ultimate Jam’. In this section you can read all about them. Click their pictures to enlarge them. Take a look:

Their biography’s seem cool! It really helps you a lot in knowing the Club Penguin Mascots and the Ultimate Jam Party a lot better.

The last section is the fourth section which is called ‘Downloads’. In this section, you can download a Ultimate Jam Wallpaper for your desktop or laptop background, you can download The Party Starts Now Dance Moves and you can download the lyrics for “The Party Starts Now” which is a song by Cadence. Take a look below:

These features seems pretty spectacular! What do you think?

You can visit this epic website page by clicking here. I guess that a website page will be released every time Club Penguin throws a party. Don’t you think so? Is this website page helpful to you? Let me know your thoughts with a comment below.


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