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Club Penguin Missing Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt / Quest Cheats Guide – Adventure Party July 2011

There’s a terrific scavenger hunt at the Adventure Party 2011. You will have to help Rockhopper find the missing Cream Soda barrels for the Pizza Parlor. You will get a lots of pins and at the end, a hat item. There are a lot of fun things that you can do during this quest. This is how to complete it from the beginning.

NOTE: The scavenger hunt is available for non-members. You will not be able to find the Cream Sodas again, even if you log in again, so try to get the most of it!

Start at the Pizza Parlor. Click on the note on the the wall.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #1

The note will get bigger. This is what the note says:

Attention, manager:

The cream soda delivery
is late! Someone needs
to go on the Migrator to
find out what’s going on.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #2

As you read it, go to the Beach and enter the Migrator. Now just go downstairs.
There’s another note on a wall. Click on it.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #3

Now you found a free item, an Eye Patch Pin. Click “Yes” to get it.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #4

After you got the item, another letter will show up. This is what it says:

Aaarr! Where be me cream soda?
Who be trickin’ me?
Yar har! This eye patch be a clue…
Set sail for the Iceberg!

Now go to the Iceberg and you will not see any letter here. There’s a feature in this room and you’ll be able to throw fish instead of snowballs. Throw some fish to the sea squid and the squid will give you a telescope with a letter.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #5

When the squid drops the telescope with the letter, click on them.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #6

You found another pin, the Telescope Pin. Click “Yes” to get it.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #7

Now another letter will show up. This is what it says:

We pirates found
this telescope.
Ye best be sailing
to the Dock…

Now go to the Dock. You will see a broken ship there and you will have to repair it. Put the pieces in the right place and when you will finish it, a cannon will shot a feather with a letter.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #8

And now you found even another pin, a Tropical Feather pin. Click “Yes” to get this pin too.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #9

You got another letter which is kinda tricky. This is what it says:

Happened upon
This feather today.
May want to speak
with the birds…

You will have to go the Forest and then you will have to enter the Treehouse. Here you will have to sing with the birds. Just sing the same notes as the birds, but using the drums.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #10

These are the songs: (drums from left to right)
FIRST SONG: Drum #1 – Drum #2 – Drum #1
SECOND SONG: Drum #1 – Drum #2 – Drum #1 – Drum #3
THIRD SONG: Drum #1 – Drum #2 – Drum #1 – Drum #3 – Drum #4

After you played the last song correctly, the birds will sing it and drums will play it at the same time, an an egg will drop in the nest. Click on it.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #11

You find another pin, an Old Key. Click “Yes” to get it.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #12

And there’s another letter you will have to read and a map. This is what it says:

We gots this
map and key.
Somebody left’em…
Dunno who!

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #13

Click on the “X” that’s on the map and you’ll get to the Cove. Get your Mining Helmet if you don’t have one and start digging in the area marked with an “X”. (you will have to wear only the helmet and start dancing pressing “D”)

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #14

Click on the hat that suddenly appeared. And you just found the Continental. Click “Yes” to add it to your inventory.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #15

After that you will get the last letter and it’s from Rockhopper.

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt #16

This is what the letter says:

Arr! Me cream soda
be safe! Ye be a fine pirate
for findin’ it! Fair winds!

I think this party is a success, just as the April Fools Party 2011 this year. Click here for the Adventure Party 2011 Cheats Guide. Have fun at the party!
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

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Waddle on CP!

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