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Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover 2013 Cheats Guide

Recently, the Monsters University Takeover has just arrived on the Club Penguin island. There’s a plethora of things to do and explore at the Monsters University for both non-members and members alike. You can also obtain a variety of free items for your penguin account. The overall theme of this party is very much like the movie, if you’ve had a chance to view it, and this is definitely a party you don’t want to miss. Like always, we’ve got the latest cheats in the game. So, have provided you with a free and complete guide below. Now may I present you with our Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover Cheats Guide:

It all begins once you first log in to Club Penguin, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up message. From this screen you can join a sorority and obtain four free caps for your penguin account.

Club Penguin

Simply click on the buttons labeled ‘Join’ and a blue screen will appear, click ‘Yes’ to add them to your inventory. Once you have done this, exit out of the screen to enjoy what the Monster University Takeover has to offer.

To obtain even more items and earn points for your sorority you’ll need to play the Scare Challenge Game located in one of the party’s special party rooms. This room can be accessed from the University Courtyard which is accessible from the snow forts. Below, is what the entrance of the Scare Challenge looks like as shown below by my penguin avatar:


When you start playing, you’ll be greeted by the following screen. Now select which sorority you’re going to play for first (You can change teams whenever you wish).


Once you have picked your sorority, the game will start and you can begin earning scare points. The Club Penguin scare challenge is really fun and is very simple to play. Use the following tips and hints to insure you earn the most scare points for your sorority:

To move use your arrow keys and to jump use your spacebar. Be sure to avoid to obstacles such as boxes and toy air balloons. The object of the game is to scare the penguin at end of the room. When you have reached the end of a level, stand on the red platform and press the spacebar when the red slider is on the green or yellow. I recommend hitting the green as often as possible since it gives you the most scare points. Keep in mind that you have limited time which can be measured with the blue bar.


As you advance through the levels, the level of difficulty will go up. More objects will appear and so forth. Once you have finished the game or lost all of your 3 lives the following screen will appear on your screen. Here you can see how many points you’ve earned in which you can exchange for some really cool items.


On top of everything else at the Monsters University Takeover, a new catalog has been released in which you can buy several Monsters University related items in. The catalog can be accessed by clicking on the scare meter icon on the upper right of each room. Check back on different days to purchase more items with your points.


The Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover features several special party rooms with top-notch designs and decorated rooms that go quite nicely with the overall University theme. From the snow forts you can access each of the sorority’s special rooms and hang out spots. As not to spoil the surprise and fun of checking them out yourself, I’ve only added one of the Sorority’s room, Team JOX. Check it out below:


That rounds up our complete cheats guide to the Club Penguin 2013 Monsters University Takeover. What did you think of the Monsters University Takeover? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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