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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Cheats Guide

The Puffle Party 2012 arrived on the Club Penguin Island, but in March, not in February as it used to do. The party has some items for non-members and a very unusual thing that Club Penguin did: a room of the Puffle Party was dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day, you can consider that Club Penguin has a major party and a mini party. This is the logo that Club Penguin uses at this party:

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Logo

To get started login on Club Penguin and start collecting some items. First of all you would like to go to the Town, to the Plaza or the Puffle Show party room. Why some many places? Well, this item is in all of them.

Club Penguin Polka Dot Puffle Hat #1

Not only that this is one of the ugliest items that Club Penguin ever did, Club Penguin put it in three distinctive rooms to make sure everyone gets it. The picture above is from Town and if you want to get it go to the box, and click “Yes” when you’re asked if you want to get it. Do this only if you want to, it’s pretty pointless to fill up your inventory with such items.

Club Penguin Polka Dot Puffle Hat #2

As you may know, every puffle has its own room, but there are 3 main rooms at this party: the Puffle Show room and the Play Zone which is divided in 2 sections: the one for non-members which is not really a play zone and the one for members. Let’s go to the Play Zone: just go to the Plaza and enter the room that you used to know as the Ski Lodge.

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 - Play Zone Entrance

Once you’re inside you can get another item for your puffle this time which you may think it’s pretty cool, but if you though the thing with the Polka Dot Hat was enough, then check out this:

Club Penguin Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat #1

That’s right, this ugly hat is available for your puffles too. Just waddle to the puffle statue if you want to get it. I have a very important note: you can get the hat as many times as you want, because you can have more than 1 puffle. Click “Yes” and it will be added to your puffle inventory.

Club Penguin Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat #2

In this room there is catalog with puffle costumes. Click on the catalog icon in lower right to open it and see what it is about.

Club Penguin Puffle Costume Catalog #1

You can see there is a costume with every puffle color. They cost 400 coins each and they are available only for members. I think that the costumes are pretty creppy, now you can meet with giant puffles (costumed penguins) all over the island.

Club Penguin Puffle Costume Catalog #2

There are several more things that you can do in the Play Zone if you’re a member. Just go in the room that’s exclusive to members. Here you can’t get any items, but you can have some fun with the special equipment, for example you can become your own puffle. This involves looking as your puffle and being able to move around. Here you can see the whole penguins in the room being transformed in their puffles:

Club Penguin Members-only Play Zone at the Puffle Party #1

When you’re a puffle and you want to be a penguin again, just open your player card and click “Transfrom back into a penguin!”. To become a puffle use the big machine in this room.

Club Penguin Members-only Play Zone at the Puffle Party #2

(thanks for the pictures once again, Gpumpkin)

Now you can still get a background from this party, do you remember the last time when Club Penguin didn’t gave a background at a party? Me neither. Go back to Ski Village and enter the Puffle Show room this time. Here just waddle to the “PHOTOS” stand and sit in the front of that camera and click on the camera.

Club Penguin Free Background @ the Puffle Show #1

Once you get the message click “Yes” and you’re done with the Puffle Party.

Club Penguin Free Background @ the Puffle Show #2

Now go to the Mine Shack to see the mini St. Patrick’s Day Party. And you’ll see that Club Penguin is giving away the old giant St. Patrick’s Day hat which is a terrible mistake, just as the old free Life Vest that was given away last month.

Club Penguin Mini St. Patrick's Day Party @ Mine Shack #1

When Club Penguin asks you if you want the hat or not, click “Yes”. If you already have than this party was a bad one for you.

Club Penguin Mini St. Patrick's Day Party @ Mine Shack #2

Well… that’s all on Club Penguin for now. Have fun, the party lasts for like 12 days, enough for everyone. See you soon.

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