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Club Penguin Stamp Collecting Guide – How Stamps Work And How To Collect Them!

The stamps have arrived on Club Penguin on July 27, 2010. There is a stamp book too where you can collect stamps by doing different activities, meeting famous people or reaching goals and what’s so awesome about them is that everyone can see your stamp book and what stamps and pins you got. Here’s a complete guide on stamps:

Where can I see my stamp book?

Step 1. After you entered Club Penguin, open your playercard.
Step 2. Click on stamp icon which is located at the bottom of the playercard, under the coins.

Step 3. Click on the stamp at the right of the stamp book’s cover and the stamp book will open.

Where can I see others stamp books?

Step 1. After you entered Club Penguin, click on the penguin you want to see his stamp and his playercard will appear.
Step 2. Click on the stamp book icon which is 5th icon from the left. Icons are located at the bottom of the playercard.

Step 3. Click on the stamp at the right of the stamp book’s cover and the stamp book will open.

How can I collect stamps?

To collect stamps you need to do different activities,  play games or go to events.  Here’s an example how to earn a stamp:

Step 1. Open your stamp book.
Step 2. Go to “Events”, “Activies” or “Games”. I’m going to “Games”.

Step 3. Choose a game. I’m going to choose “Thin Ice”.

Step 4. Think at a goal which you want to complete. I’m going to choose “1 Coin Bag” and need to collect one coin bag when I play.

Step 5. Do what the goal says and you’ll earn the stamp in no time. I’m going to play “Thin Ice” right now.

Step 6. In my case, I just need to collect a coin bag. I’m collecting it right now.

Step 7. Just collected it. A “Stamp Earned” thing will notice you that you earned a stamp.

See how easy it is? Go earn a stamp yourself, or more if you can!

What else can I do with my stamp book?

#1 You can also see all your pin in your stamp book and when you got them which is absolutely amazing and others can see that too cause they can see your stamp book.

#2 You can even customize your stamp book and make it look different from other stamp books. Here’s how to customize your stamp book:

Step 1. Go to your stamp book, but don’t open it.
Step 2. Click on the crayon in lower left.

Step 3. Start customizing your stamp book.

You can change a lot of things and you can even put your stamps or pins on the stamp book cover.

This is everything you need to know about collecting stamps and the stamp book. Have fun!
-Andreylaur, Blog Owner

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