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How to track Cadence, information about Cadence and a chat that you can use to communicate with other Club Penguin players.

How to find Cadence?

Cadence will come on Club Penguin on the Music Jam or on the new version of the old Music Jam, the Ultimate Jam. You can find Cadence by using the trackers below and the chat. The trackers will indicate the location and the server of the mascot and the chat will help you communicate with other penguins that track Cadence.

The tracker updates automatically.

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Track with other penguins on this chat:

Who is Cadence?

Cadence is a Club Penguin mascot that first appeared on Dance-A-Thon in February 2009. She is a singer and dancer and she even has her own single called “The Party Starts Now” which is on YouTube and iTunes. She is a DJ, one of her aliases being “DJ Cadence”. Her penguin color is peach and she has purple hair, headphones, a diva scarf and dancing shoes.

DJ Cadence

  • Search for her only on the peak hours of the day.
  • She will be in rooms related to music such as the Dance Club, Backstage, Casa Fiesta.
  • She doesn’t stay on a server longer than 15 minutes.
  • She is always crowded, unless you find her first.
  • Use the “Show Online” feature to make sure she is in that room.
  • If you meet Cadence for the first time, you will get a stamp and you will know right away that she is in the room.
  • Don’t forget to check the Portuguese, French and Spanish servers.
  • Don’t forget to add her as a buddy, so you will know when she is on Club Penguin the next time.
  • Check out the image below! It’s the background that Cadence is giving away at this moment on Club Penguin.

Cadence Background

How to get the Stamps and the Background?

You can get the Cadence stamp if you are in the same room with Cadence. Also there is a background that you can get only if you meet Cadence or if you already have one of them as a buddy. (the picture of the background is above)

Cadence Stamp

To get the background, open Cadence’s playercard and click on the brick icon, then accept and the background will be added to your inventory.

And don’t forget to…

HAVE FUN! The point of these whole meeting the Club Penguin mascots thing is that the Club Penguin players have fun, don’t be sad if you didn’t found the mascots or get the background. Just try again and don’t forget to have fun.


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